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Welcome to Newtrient’s Solutions Catalog

Search for solutions used to treat and manage manure and other ways to reduce the impact you have on the environment.

Ammongas uses the well-known absorber-stripper system with amine for upgrading of biogas. The process has been used for many years in the oil and gas industry for removal of CO2, H2S other acidic gasses, and is known for being a robust and reliable system. Ammongas’ absorption process is so efficient…
Anaergia provides solutions for farms and food processors to reduce waste disposal costs using proprietary anaerobic solutions that recover resources from high strength wastewater and organic solids. They are currently focused on three specific areas renewable energy, nutrient management and water reuse. Renewable Energy – Convert solid organic waste and…
Anuvia’s manufacturing process is a proprietary seven-step organic resource processing system described in 14 U.S. patents. It is clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and makes use of organic materials that would otherwise be disposed of. By combining proven industry manufacturing techniques with a patented two-stage hydrolysis process, they form the building…
The NuWay nutrient management system eases the pain of managing dairy manure with a liquid/solid partitioning system that reduces storage and hauling costs, and minimizes odors. The NuWay system is cost-effective, environmentally compliant, customizable to any dairy operation and provides 24/7 monitoring and support from AQUA Innovations.
Most sludge dryers come with a very high capital cost or they consume large amounts of power. Both causing the final solution not to be economically viable for the investor. The AMS solution is developed to use as little power as possible and designed to give you a return on…
ATD will integrate their system to existing installed processes with the goal of reducing fresh water consumption by up to 70% and capturing virtually all solids in the form of cake or bedding for use or sale off-site.  A by-product of that is a concentrated stream of dissolved nutrients taken…
Waste is screened and degritted before being introduced into an anaerobic stage, a fully engineered Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor. This stage is meant to produce high methane content biogas and reduce organic loading, as well as serve as a sink for excess algal and bacterial biomass.   Following…
Solutions for every need and application BioAir can provide effective solutions to treat air streams from 350 cfm to over 100,000 cfm, and to meet the needs of facilities ranging from lift/pump stations to dewatering/sludge-drying operations, and everything in between. All BioAir units are compact, starting at 5 feet tall…
BioCover has a complete acidification system that can be utilized in a variety of ways for adding acid and anhydrous ammonia to slurry: SyreN Adding sulphuric acid to manure slurry during application to reduce ammonia emission.  The SyreN system is a mobile acidification system for manure.  Sulphuric acid that is…
Biogas Corporation is a project developer that specializes in projects which are tailor made to the specific region, project, and/or farm. Biogas Corporation will use a host of available technologies in a systems approach to produce multiple co-products to maximize financial feasibility and response to project needs. These co-products include…

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Every dairy farmer’s nutrient management needs and business goals are unique. That’s why we have created this unique catalog to make it easier for dairy farmers to access information and make decisions regarding nutrient management specific to their operations and goals.
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Every solution is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient’s Solution Advancement Team (SAT). The 9-Point Scores indicate the status and assist in tracking the progress of the additives, practices, technologies and services.
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