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Welcome to Newtrient’s Solutions Catalog

Search for solutions used to treat and manage manure and other ways to reduce the impact you have on the environment.

Residue and Tillage Management, No Till (329) The residue and tillage management, no till practice addresses the amount, orientation, and distribution of crop and other plant residue on the soil surface year-round. Crops are planted and grown in narrow slots or tilled strips established in the untilled seedbed of the…
Stream Crossing (578) A stream crossing is a stabilized area, or a structure constructed across a stream to provide a travel way for people, livestock, equipment, or vehicles. Practice Information Stream crossings can be used to provide access to another field or area, improve water quality by reducing sediment and…
Trails and Walkways (575) A trail is a constructed path with a vegetated or earthen surface. A walkway is a constructed path with an artificial surface. A trail/walkway is used to facilitate the movement of animals, people, or off-road vehicles. Practice Information This practice is used where there is a…
Watering Facility (614) A watering facility is a means of providing drinking water to livestock or wildlife. Practice Information A watering facility is used to provide livestock and/or wildlife with drinking water to meet their daily needs. Proper location of a trough improves animal distribution and vegetation associated with the…
2G Energy believes that in the future, our power grid will not be made with a few large power plants, but with many small, decentralized Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems. Under the current model, where power generation comes from large power plants, only 33% of primary energy is turned…
AL-INS Enterprises, LLC. has developed a new innovative dewatering screw press that is in its own class. The MS-10 was designed to better suit customer needs by working closely with end users. Some features include: An American made product! Components are American made! Unique screen designed to extend the life…
Renewable Dairy Fuels, is an Amp Americas subsidiary in charge of deal sourcing and origination within the dairy industry. They carefully evaluate all of the important information that determines the success of a project including estimating the CI score and gas  production, end-to-end development & commissioning managing the relationship with the…
With the use of an anaerobic digester, Capstone microturbines run efficiently on renewable fuels such as methane and other biogases from landfills, wastewater treatment facilities and renewable natural gas. They also run efficiently on other small biogas applications like food processing plants, livestock farms and agricultural green waste operations. Microturbines…
DariTech provides the most complete line of sand separation and process equipment in the industry. We strive to provide economical equipment with high efficiency and low maintenance. Along with our choice of separators and augers, we offer our DT360 separators with our unique hybrid screen. The DT360 provides high quality…
With its compact design, easy installation and simple to maintain features the Doda screw press separator is an excellent machine for the separation of suspended solids from liquids and sludges. Completely AISI 304 stainless steel with removable access covers for inspection and cleaning Heavy duty planetary gearbox powered by a…

How the Catalog Works

Creating Connections
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Every dairy farmer’s nutrient management needs and business goals are unique. That’s why we have created this unique catalog to make it easier for dairy farmers to access information and make decisions regarding nutrient management specific to their operations and goals.
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Unique Solution
Assessment Scoring System

Every solution is evaluated based on nine criteria developed by Newtrient’s Solution Advancement Team (SAT). The 9-Point Scores indicate the status and assist in tracking the progress of the additives, practices, technologies and services.
Contact Newtrient with any questions about our evaluation process, or any of the solutions in which you are interested.

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